The Circare Story

Where to begin...

To tell the story of Circare, I have to go waaay back.  My mother, Ethel, was an artist.  She was an oil painter and showed and sold her work at art fairs.  So I grew up watching her create and surrounded by art and fine crafts.  Though I have (alas) never discovered any artistic ability of my own, as I like to say, I appreciate it.  That’s what I do.

Fast forward to just out of college, at loose ends because the fields I thought I would go into lost their appeal (I was an English major destined for advertising or publishing).  It was my father who suggested I give retail a try, as something he thought I would enjoy– obviously, shopping has always been a joy of mine.  He was right.  He was also self-employed and a big proponent of being our own boss.  And so, skipping a whole lot of details (including several years working for Bonwit Teller & Saks Fifth Avenue), in October of 1987, Circare was born.  From my mother’s artistic influence, my fathers insight and drive, my love of beautiful things and a  joy in sharing them with others

 Our Name

Curious about our name?  The word “Circare” is actually a latin verb meaning to go around, go about, explore.”  That’s what we hope people will enjoy doing here.  We want people to come in, not necessarily expecting to find anything in particular, but to see what they can find.  Hopefully something entirely unexpected– and special.