Make Magic this Holiday

This July 4th , put on a very special “pre-show” in that beautiful little slice of time just as dusk is settling in. It’s not quite dark enough for the “Big Show” to start, but dark enough that the crowd is getting antsy with expectation.
sky lanterns 2
This is the perfect time to break out the Sky Lanterns.

Sky Lanterns are miniature hot air balloons made out of fire-retardant tissue paper attached to a ring, string and a wax fuel pad. Everything is completely biodegradable.

Once lit, sky lanterns will continuously rise and fly for miles. They will go higher and higher until the fuel pad burns out. At this point, they begin a slow, gentle descent down to earth.

They are very simple to use. First, you gently open one up, shaking the paper gently as you do. Then you light the waxed cardboard fuel pad. The paper balloon will fill with hot air. When it’s ready to go, you just release it, and off it goes.

Sky lanterns are safe, graceful and quietly beautiful. Best of all, most folks have never seen live sky lanterns before. So, it will be a completely unique experience for most of them, which I guarantee they will appreciate you for.
PS: Whenever you use Sky Lanterns, please take the following precautions:

Only use Sky Lanterns in areas that are not a fire hazard–away from dry tinder, and brush. Be sure you only use fire-retardant-treated lanterns, like the ones you get from

Be sure you have a clear, wide path overhead for them to rise into. Remember that they will often move sideways as the winds aloft start to push them. Lit sky lanterns will rise until they burn out. But you have give ’em the clear path they need to do that.

Be sure there is little or no wind when you launch them. Windy conditions can prevent Sky Lanterns from completely filling up with hot air. If they don’t fill completely, they will not rise, and will be blown sideways and can start a fire. If you have too much wind to use your Sky Lanterns, just wait for another time.

While ideal for 4th of July gatherings, you’ll love to launch them anytime you have a gathering of two (how romantic!) or more. Also note that Sky Lanterns are equally beautiful day or night. People love to just see how long they can watch the lanterns and how far they go.