Solving your love/hate relationship with scarves!

Do you love the look and feel of scarves? Envy the way so many women look while wearing scarves? Polished, sophisticated, confident, put together and in control? Hate that you feel confused and three-thumbed when faced with tying your own and frustrated that you can just never seem to create that look for yourself? You really can, you know, you just need to know how. There are lots and lots of ways of wearing scarves and many are actually quite simple. I’ve found a couple how-to videos I’d like to share with you. My favorite was put together by clothing designer Eileen Fisher and demonstrates, in a classy, elegant and simple way, how to look, well, classy and elegant in scarves. The other is one I would recommend to my nieces, who are less into elegant and more into cool and fun and hip. Whichever you prefer, enjoy. Then stop by Circare and fall in love with the look and feel of our (soon to be your) scarves!
Here are the links:
Elegant and Classy:
Cool and Hip: