Art for People, People for Art

artforpeople_logo_FINAL-01It’s ART about People!
A Community Giving Spree in honor of American Craft Week

What does American Craft have to do with charitable giving? Both are all about people, community and connections.

When we buy and display a piece of American craft in our home or give it as a gift, in some way we like to think of the person who created it. The imagination it took to envision it, the talent to bring it to life, the passion and drive to make a living doing what they love. We feel a connection to that (largely unseen and unknown) craftsperson or artist and we enjoy having that piece, which is very much a part of them, in our lives.

It’s the same way when we give to a charity or community group. We like to know that we are helping individuals that we have some connection to, even if only in a small way.

We at Circare want to celebrate both of our communities: the American artists and craftspeople whose work we represent and the people (and pets) in our neighborhoods who benefit from the assistance of local organizations.

This is how we’re doing it– and how you can help us!

We want to support the groups and organizations you care about, so we need you to tell us. Below is a list of 12 local charitable or philanthropic organizations. Next week (Sept 16-21) we will be asking you to “vote” for your favorite. You will be able to do so 3 ways: on our website, our facebook page or in-store. Watch for an e-mail from us Monday morning. It will contain links to both a special blog here on our website and to a photo gallery of organization logos on our facebook page. You will be able to vote either place by following very simple instructions or, of course, you can come in to Circare and fill out an old-fashioned paper ballot. Please, only one vote per person, though we sincerely hope you will share this information with your friends and family– and get them to vote, too.

On Sept 26th we will publish a final list of organizations that will be a part of Circare’s 1st annual “Art for People, People for Art” Community Giving Spree. Then the fun starts.

The week of October 7-12 is American Craft Week. All week long Circare will be spotlighting our large selection of handmade-in-America products and artists. We want you to come in and celebrate this wonderful week with us. You will SAVE 10% on every purchase you make during that week! Yes, that’s off everything in the store, no exceptions! But even more exciting, you will be able to designate a local charity or community group of your choice from our final list and Circare will GIVE them 10% of your total purchase value in your name!
What could be better? You shop wonderful handmade products. You Save 10%. You Give 10%.

It is all about community. About connections. It’s Art about People!

Watch your e-mail inbox and CAST YOUR VOTE next week to determine which of these awesome local groups will benefit from Circare’s 1st annual “Art for People, People for Art” Community Giving Spree:

4 Paws, 1 Heart
Fowler Center for Outdoor Learning
Friends of Vision
Handbags of Hope
Kids on the Go
Kids without Cancer
Macomb County Children’s Hands-On Museum
Miss St Clair Shores Scholarship Program
Soroptimists International of Grosse Pointe
The Lake House
The St Clair Shores Optimists Club
Tree of Hope Foundation

Can’t decide? In the coming days we will be sharing lots of information about these great organizations and the countless ways they make a difference in people’s lives!