Back to School Already?!?!

Are you dreading September and the start of school or ready to jump for joy? Maybe a little of both? Here at Circare, we’ve never really thought of ourselves as a “back to school” supplies kind of store. We don’t carry backpacks or notebooks or calculators. But tonight I came across an article by a toy company called “Putting the WOOHOO! in Back to School: 5 Ways to Make it Fun for Kids”. Reading it, it not only made sense to me, but it also occurred to me that Circare does indeed have some wonderful products that answer these needs. See what you think, here’s their list (abbreviated and adapted, but if you’re interested in the complete article, watch for the link at the end.)
worry woo1) “Quell your child’s apprehension. Talk to your kids, find out if they have any fears or apprehension about starting the school year, especially if this is their first year.” The “Worry Woo” books at Circare are perfect if you have a little worrier at home: it’s lesson? DON’T FEED THE WORRY BUG!
2) “Familiarize your child with their new school. Take your child for a visit to the school, walk around, arrange a play date with other students or neighbor friends” Sorry, can’t help you with this one but it’s a great idea.
3) “Outfit your child with school supplies that makes them feel prepared and excited. Have your child involved in picking out their school supplies. Allow them to pick out something special and that they are excited about – but don’t allow them to use it before schools starts.” One “special” supply to really make a kid feel prepared (especially the little older ones) are Circare’s 7 year pens. With their jumbo ink cartridges that will literally write for miles, they’ll always be ready to take notes! And they’re cool designs, too.

Lunch Mail
Lunch Mail
4) “DON’T FORGET to add a couple notes from mom and dad occasionally in the backpack, just to let them know that you are thinking about them.” This is my favorite and do I have the perfect tool for this. Lunchbox Mail are boxes of 30 different messages of encouragement, each in a pop open card with space to write a quick note of your own as well. And finally,
5) “Don’t forget about family time. Life becomes hectic as soon as fall hits. Through the busy schedules of activities, music lessons and sleepovers, set aside one night a week JUST FOR YOUR FAMILY for game night.” Try Spot It. or Suspend. Or our newest games Flash or Nada. Family game nights rock!

Oh, and I remember I promised: if you want to read the full article I plagiarized, here’s the link: