Make Your Summertime Fun… Circare Can Help!

summertime_blogSeveral weeks ago, in concluding an e-mail about a Circare event, I typed “Make your summertime fun; Circare can help.” Then I stopped and read the words again. And again. And the idea grew.  How could Circare add more fun to Your summer? A campaign was plotted and launched.
Each week now through Labor Day check out all the bits we’ve put together to help make your summertime even more fun:
~A “Weekly Wow!” super special on a single item we believe can bring joy, add comfort or inspire smiles.
~Two other featured Summertime Favorites
~A weekly drawing for a goody bag of summertime fun; each entry an invitation to share some of your favorite bits of summer: ice cream flavors, flowers, activities, etc.  (Our favorite answers we share by posting on our Facebook page)
~Summertime Fun partners, like Caffe Far Bella, Party Adventure and Johnny B’s Cookies gave us great coupons to share with our customers
~ and anything else we can think of each day– cookie sampling, cold lemonade on a hot day and, of course, just great big smiles to greet you as you walk in our door!
Please check back often– we’ll be coming back to this topic, keeping you updated about how the campaign is going and letting you know about new interesting things we’re adding.  So tell me– Have any suggestions?  How is your summer going and how can Circare help you make this the best summer ever!?!
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“Every piece… is something unique…”

For me, a trip to Circare is a one-stop-shop where you can find the beautiful things you see in those fabulous catalogs that come in the mail. Every piece, from small to large, is something unique, distinctive, beautiful and special – from Victorian to ultra-modern! Of course, these things are rarely needed, but things you’d really like to own, or something just perfect for someone you know.

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Did I Tell You?

“On a warm summer evening, a group of friends spoke of their children who were about to leave home for college. The friends, all mothers, wondered aloud…what did we teach them, what did we tell them, did we tell them the things they will need to know?

And so were planted the seeds that would become Did I Tell You?”

Did I tell you? by Elizabeth Knapp

Several years ago a customer told me about a touching, meaning-filled set of books that belonged at Circare.  On the strength of her recommendation, I ordered a dozen each for sons and daughters, sight unseen.  When they arrived, I sat down at my desk and read through one.  Before I stood up, I had called and ordered more– I knew that these were books to bring tears and smiles, that would charm and become cherished remembrances.   Yes, they speak of things that we hope we have told and taught our young people, but to have them all in one small booklet, so simply and eloquently expressed– is priceless.

Especially at this time of year, I call your attention to them.  If you have a child graduating, you owe yourself the chance to discover Elizabeth Knapps words of wisdom.  Just be prepared to shed a few tears over them– it happens.

PS:  Ms Knapp also wrote “Did I Thank You?” which goes the other way, from child to parent, ackowledging and expressing appreciation for life lessons taught and their inestimable value.  And Father’s Day is only days away. Read More »

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25 Years of Memories

It’s not possible.  Except it is.  Circare turns 25 years old later this year.

Flashback to 1987–  I remember weeks driving all over metro Detroit looking at locations.  And terror as I left my new landlord’s office having signed a 3 year lease (“What have I gotten myself into?!).   I remember tearing off wall coverings and climbing ladders with paint cans and my Dad building homemade display fixtures– I still have some of them (though not my original wrap counter that was actually an old door from the basement, complete with the hole for the doorknob).  Very vividly I remember my first buying trip– to the New York International Gift Fair (was I green!)– and how my feet throbbed and my heard spun.

Looking back today, at all that and more, my overwhelming emotion is…   thankfulness.

I am thankful for all the customers who came in,  come back and have become friends.

For the ladies of Circare, past and present, who give of themselves and, by doing so, give shape and life to this place we all share.

For all my friends and family–Mom & Dad, are you listening?– who held my hand then and put up with my Circare stories today.

And for all the artists, craftsmen and designers who share their talents and imaginations with us all, enriching our lives.

For days of exhaustion, moments of laughter and years of success…



Do you have a Circare story?  Funny or touching, I’m greedy and want them all!  Could you take a photo of a favorite Circare treasure?  PLEASE SHARE THEM!

Over the coming months I will be creating a “memory wall” in the back hallway and it won’t be complete without your help.  So I am asking this as a favor (a birthday gift to Circare if you will).  Please, write them down and bring them in, post them on Circare’s Facebook page or e-mail them to me.  Just remember to include your name and phone number because…

To make it fun, every story and photo you give me will get you a chance to WIN Circare Gift Certificates!  And, Yes, each new story or photo will get you another chance (we really want to fill that wall, can you tell?).  We will give away one $25 gift certificate each month from May through September and a Grand Prize of a $100 Gift Certificate at our Blow-Out Birthday Bash in October!



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Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2011

Come celebrate with us

The 2nd Annual

Small Business Saturday

(If you are not yet familiar with SBS, it is a day that invites people to show their support for small local businesses)

So this is our invitation to you…
Please, come discover what we have to offer,
15% off*
any purchase of $50 or more

No coupon necessary, just come in Saturday, November 26th,
Spend $50 or more & you Save.

*15% discount effective 11/26/11 only.  
Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount,
including Circle of Friends


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Holiday Open House

You are invited to four days of festivities!

Circare’s Holiday Open House

Thursday, November 17th 4-8 pm

Friday, November 18, 10-5:30 pm

Saturday, November 19 10-5:30 pm

Sunday, November 20 12-5 pm


You’ll get a first peek (and pick) of all f the fabulous Christmas ornaments and decor for 2011 while saving 15-25% off EVERYTHING for these four days only, determined by Candy Cane Draw at the time of your purchase.


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Our brown paper bags are Green. And Made in the USA.

Circare has switched over to brown paper shopping bags. Why? Because these new bags are made in the US from 100% recycled materials.

Our plastic bags are also made in the US and sourced from either domestic natural gas and/or recycled plastics collected in the US.

Paper or Plastic?

Our customers frequently ask us which is better for the environment. The environmental impact of either is small and can be reduced even further if they are later reused or recycled. The thing to watch for is where and how they are made.
Paper bags, of course, are made from trees. In North America, companies grow trees specifically for paper and construction products. These companies do not “slash and burn” as they often do elsewhere in the world, but instead practice sustainable forestry; not only because of the environment, but because it is a sustainable economic model. Pine trees grow quickly and are harvested from managed forests.
Plastic bags which are produced in the US are made from domestic natural gas, not foreign oil. Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, waste products must be removed. One key by-product is known as “Ethane”. The “Ethane” is converted into polyethylene which is then made into many products including plastic bags.
US plastic bags are made from a by-product of processing natural gas. Most foreign resins are still made from Middle-Eastern oil, including those “eco-friendly” reusable bags.
Remember seeing pictures of oil wells in Iraq and Saudi Arabia with those plumes of flame on top? That is the gas they have been burning off for years. Ever see one of those plumes on a US well?
Our infrastructure allows for the collection and processing of natural gas into plastic resin and other products such as fertilizers, while the infrastructure in Asia and the Middle East doesn’t (although they are working on it in Saudi Arabia). Even when the Saudis do make polyethylene available, it comes back to a dependence on foreign trade and not on domestic production.
Bottom line…Buy paper and plastics made in North America.
Why does all this matter?
We live here, too.

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“Vintage” Cookies???

I knew all about vintage clothing and jewelry and heard people describe certain wines as being “an especially fine vintage”, but cookies?

Yet that’s how Salem Baking Company describes its wonderful products. They began as a local retail bakery (Dewey’s Bakery) in Winston-Salem, NC way back in 1930, then began selling their cookies (as Salem Baking Co.) nationally in 1992. But the recipes for their premier cookies are much older— actually originating from the Moravian settlement of Salem that was established in 1766!

Of course, though the recipes are practically ancient, you’ll love the wonderful freshness of Salem Baking Co.’s Moravian Cookies—I sure do. They’re thin and light and crisp with just sparkling flavors like Ginger Spice, Cranberry Orange, Key Lime and Meyer Lemon.

They’re still made in Winston-Salem, NC in the best homemade traditions, using the finest all natural ingredients. That’s important. More important, however, is how great they taste—a perfect treat when you’re just curled up with a good book and a cup of tea or arranged elegantly on a ‘vintage’ plate when your ‘lady friends’ come for tea (somehow they just make me think of tea, though I’m sure they’d be equally tasty with coffee, or with anything at all). They even come packaged in these cute tubes that make great gifts.

Anyway, Moravian Cookies are now available @ Circare and you really need to give them a try—your mouth will thank you, I promise!

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Vote for Circare in Vote4the Best

Channel 4’s is having their annual Vote4the Best contest, and Circare has been nominated. In fact, we are currently in 1st place! To hold on to that would be awesome! So please, if you would be so kind, click on the link below and Vote! And this year you can vote once every week until it ends in November. Will you help us out? Here is the link:
Thanks ever so much!

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