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“Vintage” Cookies???

I knew all about vintage clothing and jewelry and heard people describe certain wines as being “an especially fine vintage”, but cookies?

Yet that’s how Salem Baking Company describes its wonderful products. They began as a local retail bakery (Dewey’s Bakery) in Winston-Salem, NC way back in 1930, then began selling their cookies (as Salem Baking Co.) nationally in 1992. But the recipes for their premier cookies are much older— actually originating from the Moravian settlement of Salem that was established in 1766!

Of course, though the recipes are practically ancient, you’ll love the wonderful freshness of Salem Baking Co.’s Moravian Cookies—I sure do. They’re thin and light and crisp with just sparkling flavors like Ginger Spice, Cranberry Orange, Key Lime and Meyer Lemon.

They’re still made in Winston-Salem, NC in the best homemade traditions, using the finest all natural ingredients. That’s important. More important, however, is how great they taste—a perfect treat when you’re just curled up with a good book and a cup of tea or arranged elegantly on a ‘vintage’ plate when your ‘lady friends’ come for tea (somehow they just make me think of tea, though I’m sure they’d be equally tasty with coffee, or with anything at all). They even come packaged in these cute tubes that make great gifts.

Anyway, Moravian Cookies are now available @ Circare and you really need to give them a try—your mouth will thank you, I promise!

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