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3 Tips for a Magical, Memorable Holiday

Books, movies and songs about the magic of Christmas abound.  And why not?  It is a time of year when families gather, gifts are exchanged and way too much food is prepared and consumed– what’s not to like?  But magic can use a little help now and then.  Here are my top 3 tips to “making a little magic’ this holiday.

~ Add a surprise.  While Christmas is all about tradition, don’t forget the power of the unexpected.  For example, stockings are often a huge part of Christmas morning (they certainly are of ours).  But maybe this year, consider holding out a stuffer or two and hiding them instead.  Perhaps put a clue in the stocking, creating a mini scavenger hunt.  One of my favorite Christmas memories, on a year when a lot of our family couldn’t be together,  I bought a set of our message cards and had  family members write  notes to my Mom on them.  Then I hid them around the house where she would find them unexpectedly throughout the day.   These brief notes were special gifts in themselves, sentiments she treasured; the unexpected discovery of them added a bit of magic to her holiday (and watching her, mine).

~ Start a new family Tradition.  What is one of the things you enjoy most about Christmas?  Think about it and then find a way to add to it.  Perhaps family members relaxing together, sharing bits of themselves and their lives is a highlight for you.  So start a new tradition:  find a time, during dinner or afterwards over dessert, when each family member in turn takes a moment to share what Christmas and family mean to them.  Too hokey for you?  Pick a lighter topic, or a question that everyone answers.  Stumped?  That’s where something like Chat Pack comes in.  Lots of quirky questions that spark unexpected conversations and insight into people you thought you knew.

~ Get up and get active.  With sports such a big part of holidays and the lure of video games, internet and facebook, too often gatherings splinter into pockets of solitary and sedentary “activities”.  Counter that by bringing out a family game (“Spot It” or “Suspend” come to mind, or even “Jacks” can work) and get people interacting,  laughing and loud.  To get even more active (anyone who’s physically capable that is) resurrect something like Twister or our ever popular Human Baffle Puzzle.  Or maybe locate some old disco CD’s and pair people up to “cut a rug”.  After all, everyone’s a kid at Christmas…  that’s part of its Magic!

So there’s 3 of my tips for making Magic this Christmas.  What’s yours?  Your favorite family tradition or activity?  What you love most or remember best from past holiday celebrations?  Won’t you please share it with me?  Better yet, post it on Circare’s facebook page and share it with everyone so we can all make this year’s celebration both Magical and Memorable!

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Did I Tell You?

“On a warm summer evening, a group of friends spoke of their children who were about to leave home for college. The friends, all mothers, wondered aloud…what did we teach them, what did we tell them, did we tell them the things they will need to know?

And so were planted the seeds that would become Did I Tell You?”

Did I tell you? by Elizabeth Knapp

Several years ago a customer told me about a touching, meaning-filled set of books that belonged at Circare.  On the strength of her recommendation, I ordered a dozen each for sons and daughters, sight unseen.  When they arrived, I sat down at my desk and read through one.  Before I stood up, I had called and ordered more– I knew that these were books to bring tears and smiles, that would charm and become cherished remembrances.   Yes, they speak of things that we hope we have told and taught our young people, but to have them all in one small booklet, so simply and eloquently expressed– is priceless.

Especially at this time of year, I call your attention to them.  If you have a child graduating, you owe yourself the chance to discover Elizabeth Knapps words of wisdom.  Just be prepared to shed a few tears over them– it happens.

PS:  Ms Knapp also wrote “Did I Thank You?” which goes the other way, from child to parent, ackowledging and expressing appreciation for life lessons taught and their inestimable value.  And Father’s Day is only days away. Read More »

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