Summertime Fun Adds Solar Beads

We’ve been doing this Summertime Fun Campaign for most of the summer now and I love the response you’ve been giving us! Every week we get people coming into the store for our ‘Weekly Wow’s”, replying to our e-mails, posting on Facebook and entering our drawings for goody bags of summertime fun. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! You are definitely making our summer more fun!

Here’s something new. In cleaning off my worktable recently, I cam across a bag of “solar beads”. These are rather plain looking white plastic beads, nothing too special– until you expose them to sunlight! Instantaneously, they change color before your very eyes, turning pinks and purples and blues. Go indoors or into the shade and they fade back to white. So here’s the deal. We’re stringing a couple of these beads on ribbons and giving them away to kids in the store (while supplies last, but we have quite a few). Or if you have kids at home, grandkids, etc., ask us about them. Kid’s love them- they’re magic!

Just one more way Circare can help make your Summertime Fun!summerfun logo