Make Your Summertime Fun… Circare Can Help!

summertime_blogSeveral weeks ago, in concluding an e-mail about a Circare event, I typed “Make your summertime fun; Circare can help.” Then I stopped and read the words again. And again. And the idea grew.  How could Circare add more fun to Your summer? A campaign was plotted and launched.
Each week now through Labor Day check out all the bits we’ve put together to help make your summertime even more fun:
~A “Weekly Wow!” super special on a single item we believe can bring joy, add comfort or inspire smiles.
~Two other featured Summertime Favorites
~A weekly drawing for a goody bag of summertime fun; each entry an invitation to share some of your favorite bits of summer: ice cream flavors, flowers, activities, etc.  (Our favorite answers we share by posting on our Facebook page)
~Summertime Fun partners, like Caffe Far Bella, Party Adventure and Johnny B’s Cookies gave us great coupons to share with our customers
~ and anything else we can think of each day– cookie sampling, cold lemonade on a hot day and, of course, just great big smiles to greet you as you walk in our door!
Please check back often– we’ll be coming back to this topic, keeping you updated about how the campaign is going and letting you know about new interesting things we’re adding.  So tell me– Have any suggestions?  How is your summer going and how can Circare help you make this the best summer ever!?!