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25 Years of Memories

It’s not possible.  Except it is.  Circare turns 25 years old later this year.

Flashback to 1987–  I remember weeks driving all over metro Detroit looking at locations.  And terror as I left my new landlord’s office having signed a 3 year lease (“What have I gotten myself into?!).   I remember tearing off wall coverings and climbing ladders with paint cans and my Dad building homemade display fixtures– I still have some of them (though not my original wrap counter that was actually an old door from the basement, complete with the hole for the doorknob).  Very vividly I remember my first buying trip– to the New York International Gift Fair (was I green!)– and how my feet throbbed and my heard spun.

Looking back today, at all that and more, my overwhelming emotion is…   thankfulness.

I am thankful for all the customers who came in,  come back and have become friends.

For the ladies of Circare, past and present, who give of themselves and, by doing so, give shape and life to this place we all share.

For all my friends and family–Mom & Dad, are you listening?– who held my hand then and put up with my Circare stories today.

And for all the artists, craftsmen and designers who share their talents and imaginations with us all, enriching our lives.

For days of exhaustion, moments of laughter and years of success…



Do you have a Circare story?  Funny or touching, I’m greedy and want them all!  Could you take a photo of a favorite Circare treasure?  PLEASE SHARE THEM!

Over the coming months I will be creating a “memory wall” in the back hallway and it won’t be complete without your help.  So I am asking this as a favor (a birthday gift to Circare if you will).  Please, write them down and bring them in, post them on Circare’s Facebook page or e-mail them to me.  Just remember to include your name and phone number because…

To make it fun, every story and photo you give me will get you a chance to WIN Circare Gift Certificates!  And, Yes, each new story or photo will get you another chance (we really want to fill that wall, can you tell?).  We will give away one $25 gift certificate each month from May through September and a Grand Prize of a $100 Gift Certificate at our Blow-Out Birthday Bash in October!



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